Lina's Story | The Power of Christmas

Lina grew up in the Tenderloin District (inner city) of San Francisco. She was engrossed with the survival culture, and bullying in a tough area. Lina developed a hardness in order to protect herself from the pain. However, one tradition at City Impact tugged on Lina’s heart to keep returning each year. Learn more about Lina’s story through the video below.

The Pre-Christmas Outreach and Christmas Day Outreach host our Kids Christmas Toy Sign up & Giveaway. Families sign up for a small fee during the holiday season to receive a toy on the Pre-Christmas Outreach. Any families who missed the sign up can receive a toy FREE on Christmas Day.

San Francisco exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. We mobilize over 8,000 volunteers a year to intervene on behalf of others.

Thanksgiving Day Outreach Recap

On Thursday, November 22, City Impact held its annual Thanksgiving Day Outreach with over 600 volunteers who served in over 14 outreaches. The event has been going on for around 30 years while City Impact has been in the Tenderloin District for 34 years. The outreach is a one day hands-on volunteer experience to intervene on behalf of others. What a way to spend the holiday serving others in the Tenderloin.

Here are some details on the day:

  • 2,650 meals served

  • 543 served at our 100 Block Jones St party

  • 139 people clothed

  • 100 kids and family members at our Kids Thanksgiving Day Outreach

Thank you to all of our volunteers, sponsors and families who gathered with us on Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for the City Impact family and the many people who help impact others.

Farrington Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach Recap

Thank you to all the 300 volunteers who served on Saturday, November 10th. Our Farrington Outreach is a hands-on ministry experience to intervene on behalf of others. This event is dedicated to the late Beth Farrington who leveraged her life for the benefit of others, and was a great advocate of City Impact.

Volunteers at the Farrington Outreach got to serve through multiple avenues including meal prep, meal delivery, our Kids Fall Festival, women’s ministry, our Rescue Mission Cafe, and foot-washing and prayer at the Health & Wellness Center.

Thank you again to the volunteers, families and guests who gathered together at our Farrington Outreach. There are 3 more holiday events this season. Learn more at

Love Like Jesus | Juanita's Story

Juanita had five kids to raise in the inner city of San Francisco. The weight and stress, brokenness, and bad influences pushed her towards drinking and occasional drug use. Juanita felt alone in the battle until she met a team member from City Impact who reminder her of the love and promises of God. Juanita began to rise up, and would instead of buy drugs, would go to Bible study or worship. Now Juanita cooks meals for other residents in her building through groceries from the City Impact Rescue Mission.

“It’s just heart wrenching to see people out there now. Christ walked amongst the poor and lonely, and these are the people—we are the who are in need of Jesus Christ’s love— the people that need a lot of prayer.” – Juanita

Check out below for Juanita’s story:

Help make an impact on someone like Juanita this holiday season by volunteering at one of our holiday events. Learn more at