Farrington Outreach 2017

Police sirens, pigeon flocks, and the occasional screech. These are some of the typical sounds heard from a corner block in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

However, if you look deeper, you will find the Tenderloin is full of children playing, music, and the sound of generous volunteers serving the people in the Tenderloin. 

That is what happens at the annual Farrington Outreach every November. 

What started from the efforts of one volunteer, Beth Farrington, who encouraged hundreds of volunteers to intervene on behalf of others, has now become ongoing long-term relationships through San Francisco City Impact and New Life Church. Beth was an advocate for San Francisco City Impact and San Francisco City Academy and devoted herself to the work during her life. Over six years ago, Beth passed away from cancer and is now survived by her husband, Jeff, who continues her legacy by serving every week at City Academy and hosting the annual Farrington Outreach. 

This year over 250 people joined the day to serve through 6 different outreaches including our sit down cafe at the Rescue Mission, kids carnival, street ministry, mobile medical team, building parties, and meal delivery. Volunteers also helped prepare over 1,800 meals to go out into the community. 

Thank you New Life Alamo, Redemption SF, Cumberland Presbytarian, Sunset Church, Venture Christian, Bridge Community, Sierra Bible, Victory Outreach, Tahoe Forest, members from the Fathers House and more! Special Thanks to Jeff Farrington, and the rest of the volunteers and team members who joined us for the day. You help make each ministry possible. We exist to intervene. 

Mr. Yancey's Story | Musician, Martial Artist & Multilinguist

What type of life would you have if you could speak 30 languages, be musically gifted to play and sing any song, and be a physical warrior to master martial arts and to standing military press over 275 pounds?

You'd probably imagine some of these skills could lead to meeting some of the world's most famous people—Arnoarnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Montana, and Santana. 

It sounds like a talent dream, but you think that with these skills you could ever be lead to homelessness & eviction? 

This is exactly what happened to the talented, globetrotter, Norbert Yancey. He was facing eviction, about to become homeless on the streets of San Francisco, and had no one to help him. After having met so many people, he was left hungry and all alone...watch the video below to see his story. 

Annual Gala 2017

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, City Impact hosted its Annual Gala at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. Pastor Roger, Founder of San Francisco City Impact, opened up with a prayer and introduced, Ryan Hsu, Operations Director, and Michael Hamada, Assistant Development Director. 

Ryan Hsu shared ministry updates of the Health & Wellness Center, Adopt a Building, School of Ministry, Missions and SF City Academy (K-8 School). 

Michael Hamada later shared updates of facilities & the acquiring of the 100 Taylor St Block Location. 

Check out the video updates below: 


Health & Wellness


Adopt a Building

School of Ministry

San Francisco City Academy (K-8 School)

Ike's Story


October 7 Serve Day

On Saturday, October 7, 2017 Marin Covenant, Bayside Church, and CPC Danville served in the Tenderloin district (inner city of San Fransisco). SF City Impact volunteers and team members served in different outreaches including meal deliveries, kids carnival, meal prep, building parties and medical outreaches.

Here are some details on the day:

  • 1400+ meals served
  • 20 patients medically assessed and provided over 40 medical services
  • 40+ kids attended the kids carnival
  • 7 building parties (community sit-down meals + bingo for residents) 

Every effort made comes alongside a long term ministry that will be there the next day. With each connection made, City Impact team members offer further resources to residents for rehabilitation or further development to help break unhealthy cycles. 

Potential follow ups will be made in the coming weeks. 

Thank you again to all the volunteers and team members who served for the day! Special thanks to Gina, Manny and Michelle for your leadership. Your willingness to serve is greatly appreciated by City Impact and the Tenderloin residents! We exist to intervene! 

If we don't go, who will?

Chasing God

It has been over 33 years since Roger Huang first witnessed a young boy being bullied and after hearing God speak, "what would you do if that was your son?" Roger said, "I would help him." God replied, "they're all the same to me."  

Roger when home and broke down crying before his wife, Maite, and family. In response, he and his wife passed out 50 sandwiches the very next day. The couple kept on helping, which has turned into what is now San Francisco City Impact.

4 years ago today Roger Huang, Founder of City Impact, released his book, Chasing God, an account of his life and story of City Impact.

We are thankful we get to see the impact of one man or woman through a simple act to intervene. We are thankful that we are a part of what our sponsors, volunteers and donors are doing through their support. 

Thakn you! 

Check out the video below: