Miracle in the School

You won't believe what happened two weeks ago!

Two weeks ago, the principal of our school, Marie-France, had to break some bad news to our school staff. Their annual staff conference in New York would have to be cancelled because there were not enough funds to purchase airplane tickets. Staring at the staff in a meeting, she simply couldn't work up the courage to tell them. They had been anticipating and looking forward to this trip. A few days go by and something had to happen.

Finally, Marie-France decides to purchase the tickets on her personal credit card. She asked Vanessa to make the transaction because she had to run off to a meeting. Vanessa mistakenly thought she was supposed to purchase the tickets on the school card but the problem was again, lack of funds.  They are coming close to the deadline, they've waited as long as they could, and even after deciding to get the tickets, they still had not been purchased because of the misunderstanding. Thank God for the confusion because...

As Marie-France and Vanessa were clearing up the confusion, mid-sentence, our newest teacher, Stephanie Carter walks in and says, "Hey, you won't believe this. My friend is donating some of his miles to us and it is going to cover all of the staff's tickets to New York, roundtrip!" 

Isn't God good? The way that God provided, mid-sentence?? C'mon now!

God used the confusion to delay the purchase of the tickets so that He can give it to them freely!

Today, 10/3/12, our school staff is on their way to NYC to attend their annual conference. I can just picture the group walking through the airport. Many people will never know how they got there or where they are going but the amazing thing is God does. He provided a way for them because He sees their hard work and effort to reach the children of the Tenderloin. He answered their need at just the right moment!

Please pray for our school staff, they are having an amazing year so far. Just so you know, our school this year has 95 students, 11 staff and 38 weekly volunteers. Spread the word, God is moving at SF City Impact!

SFCA staff on their way to New York | 10.3.12