Seth's Story

Here at City Impact
our mission is to intervene in the lives of those in the Tenderloin District.
The intervention process includes the emotional, physical and spiritual
components, believing in a holistic approach to healing. An amazing picture of
this intervention process could be seen in a situation that happened with a young
man named Seth.

Seth was a typical
young professional working the city. He was in the biggest industry in the Bay
Area...the booming tech world. Then hard times hit, relationships broke down,
and the unthinkable happened. Seth
became homeless. He found himself literally sleeping on the street.

One night Seth found
himself sleeping on a manhole cover to try to keep warm from the cold city
nights. What he didn’t know is the danger that awaited him. In the middle of
the night the steam billowed from the manhole cover. The heat was so
intense that it burned his entire calf taking off multiple layers of skin.

Seth was in a bad
place and he needed help. When he walked into the doors at City Impact’s Rescue
Mission everyone could see the desperation on his face. Seth had heard about
City Impact’s Health and Wellness Center and had come in to get treatment for
his badly burned calf. When Seth came into the Health and Wellness Center he
got much more than he anticipated. Before seeing the doctors he was treated to
a warm meal at our dining room. After the visit to the dining room the medical
team went to work on getting him the help he needed for his sever burn. The
team cleaned and dressed his wound and began to get to know his story. He let
them know of his layoff from work his broken relationships and a couple of bad
decisions that he had made. One of the nurses was able to share with him the
hope of Christ and was able to pray for Seth, his life situation, and his leg.

The next couple weeks
Seth would come in for meals, have his leg checked out and be prayed for. One
of the nurses even drove him to the hospital when his leg needed extra care.
Seth would later tell City Impact staff that he was amazed at the love and
support that he received at the Health and Wellness Center. Said Seth, “The
friendliness and general concern for me as a person was overwhelming.” Life continued on at the City Impact and the
Health and Wellness Center and with no sign of Seth after his last scheduled

Flash Forward 6
months. As the Health and Wellness Center was opening its doors a young professional
gentleman walked in. “Don’t you remember me?” He asked. The staff didn’t know
who it was. It turned out to be Seth who was now clean shaven, smiling from ear
to ear. “I just got a job, my leg is healed and God has restored some broken
relationships. I came back to thank you for everything you guys did for me. If
it wasn’t for you guys I think I might be dead.”

This is truly an
incredible story of God’s love and His plan to restore his children. I thank
God everyday that we get to be part of these miracle stories. I hope you can
come down and experience one of these life changing moments with us!