Helping Hand Needed!


We are in desprate need of a Cargo Van New or Used to help us with our daily donation pick ups. This is a very important part of our ministry as we mobilize food to the people in need.

Can you help?

At a quick glance here are some services we have provided just these last 14 days of March:

  • 1,200 hot meals, coffee, & support groups.
  • 10,000lbs of food donated. (pick-up with 1 van)
  • 1000 Hot Meals delivered into buildings!
  • Hosted a Sport Block Party over 200 kids
  • Hosted our annual Health Fair over 400 came!
  • Over 80 young people came to serve during their spring break & another 170 young people will serve this week!
Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.25.58 AM.png

All these life changing services are only made possible because of your help. It's been difficult to have only one van hauling and picking all the donations. We have already missed a few good donations due to lack of vehicle. We do have a van that was giving by our generous donors and now our second van just broke down. We would like to purchase a used van this week. The price you see below is the price for a new vehicle.

However, we are looking at about $25,000 to get a used one with a tommy lift-gate. Your help is needed. Please consider sending in you most generous gift so we can pay cash for it. Would you give us an urgent gift today to help us get a new/used cargo van? Maybe your church or business would be able to donate a van for us.  

May you be blessed during this Easter time. Thank you!

Founder of City Impact