If We Don't Go, Who Will?

We exist to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. Relative to the world's poor, the people in the Tenderloin are not truly poor. However, the Tenderloin's issue are brokenness, isolation and oppression from the enemy. If we exist to intervene, that begs the question, "If we don't go, who will?"

That is something I ask myself often.

Today, I received an email with one paragraph that reminded me of the importance of why we exist. James and Andrea help lead an adopted building called the Marlton Manor. James wrote, 

"I went with Alice to Malton Manor last Sunday. We visited Sister Tang, and she called and invited Mr. Zhong and Mr. Liu into the room. I got them large print Chinese Bibles and to my surprise, they are very much interested in setting up weekly bible studies. At first they were saying that the social hall downstairs can be used for Sunday bible studies. But they said, if it is not available we can set it up in Sister Tang or Mr. Liu's room. I was moved by their enthusiasm and I think we should seriously think about how to set it up and who should lead the bible studies. Do we need a Cantonese group and a Mandarin group?" 

Isn't this great? Six months ago, many residents in this building had never heard about Jesus, let alone had Bible Studies. 

Our job is to reach the lost AND equip the saints for service. Can you imagine if the volunteers didn't go? Who would have? Would we have a Bible Study? Most likely not. God is looking for the one man or the one woman who will obey. With that person, He can do great things. 

Romans 10:14-15

Christian Huang