Compassion Weekend Recap

Every year in April we partner with Menlo Park Presbyterian Church to help equip and mobilize their church to tangibly serve in lieu of their weekend services. City Impact is one of many ministries in the Bay Area for their people to serve in. 

At City Impact, here's what happened within 48 hours: 

  1. 4 shifts 
  2. 32 outreaches
  3. 700 volunteers served 
  4. 5,000 meals cooked, prepped and delivered  
  5. 450 people given medical, dental, and vision care 
  6. 130 people given haircuts 
  7. 100 people given manicures and pedicures
  8. 90 people prayed for 
  9. 300 people given clothes
  10. 2 bathrooms remodeled
  11. 10 bunk-beds built for our new in-house rehab program
  12. 2 San Francisco Cable Cars transporting volunteers to minister around SF
  13. 100 MPPC High Schoolers delivering 400 bags of groceries
  14. 10 new computers setup by MPPC's tech team for the elementary school
  15. 30 new children completed AR testing to enroll next year in the City Academy
  16. 200 people received self portraits in the Photo Booth 
  17. 30 Believers equipped to share their faith through personal evangelism

We are so impressed with the volunteers that came to serve. We want to thank MPPC, Epic Church, and Journey Church for intervening on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco.

We value your partnership!

-Christian Huang