Miracle Sunday

On Sunday, 7/7/13, we had an incredible Sunday. Generally our Sunday consists of prayer from 7am - 10am, church from 10:30am - 12pm, and Adopt a Building Outreach from 2pm - 5pm. 

On this Sunday we had 63 volunteers; Believers from many churches gathered to GO and share our faith with the people in the Tenderloin. I shared with these volunteers before we went into the buildings, the importance of focussing on God's purpose not our performance. We prayed that God's Presence would go with us. 

Here are two stories that came back to us. This is why I call it: Miracle Sunday

In one building, Cindy Smith wrote: 

"We start with whom I have come to guess as the nicest person in that building. Her name is Sonja. Her husband is Robert and they have a daughter who's 18 named Michelle. They have the cutest little dog named Leon. He's a lot of fun to play with. But every time we stop by and ask if we can pray for anything she just says her health. Nothing specific.

Today, she lit up like a firework when she saw us at her door. She started crying and saying that she has had hepatitis C and God healed her liver from that disease! She's really been struggling with this and we've been praying for her. She went to the doctor this week and it's gone from her body! She was giving all glory to God and said she knew it was only because of our prayers and because of our Great Healer. She said the doctor was shocked to see it was miraculously gone from her body. She was crying, I was crying, we were so excited, we just had a mini party right in the hallway! It was so awesome. 

All this time we had been praying for her but we had no idea exactly what we had been praying for. But God knew. And He answered a big prayer. 

So we finished with Sonja and continued knocking on doors. The next door we tried was one that has never opened for us before. The woman opened her door today! Her name is Ying and she has a 5 year old autistic boy named Robert. She was very shy and standoffish at first. But when the girl I was with said that she used to work with autistic kids they hit it off! They talked for a good 5-10 minutes about how Robert compares to other children and what his future will look like. For a concerned parent to hear there is hope for her child was a blessing to just watch. This new relationship was so exciting to see!

Things like this just continued to happen. People were opening doors that never had before. People were sharing information with us they had never shared before. Prayers were being answered at almost every door!"

In another building, Mike Mann wrote: 

"Had a cool discovery yesterday in the Aranda.  Several weeks ago we prayed for a man named Harry whose ankles were severely swollen from cellulitis.  We hadn't had an opportunity to visit with him since, but yesterday when we knocked on his door we noticed that his ankles looked normal.  We commented on it and he told us that the morning after we prayed for him the swelling dramatically reduced in both ankles.  He clearly linked it with the prayer and seemed encouraged to be able to share the news with us." 

What we love most about these stories is that it is the residents who are attributing the healing back to God! They are the ones who are praising God for healing them. 

It is amazing what happens when Believers step out in faith and obey Jesus. Sometimes, like John the Baptist, it may lead to disappointment. Other times, it may lead to fruitful days of ministry where people are being healed! In any case, it's not about our performance but Jesus' purpose!