Why is Relief Work Important?

Although there is a growing sense in our society that relief work is not fruitful, it is important to realize that those judgements are usually made by people who aren't currently in urgent need. SF City Impact offers all three types of work that are necessary to revitalize a community: relief, rehabilitation, and development. They are all needed.

Here is why the relief work we offer at our Rescue Mission is important. 

This was a note from David who was helped by our Rescue Mission:

"My name is David and I want to thank the Rescue Mission for all they have done for me. When I came from Oakland, I was homeless and had no idea where to find food, shelter, clothing or doctor care. The Rescue Mission provided the information and resources I needed. Now I have a place to stay, somewhere to eat, and somewhere to grow spiritually. I still have my slips and falls, but the Rescue Mission continues to help me. I know there are others out there like me that could use the Rescue Mission's help, and I thank God for them. Sincerely, David"