Baptism Sunday

Sunday, 9/14/14, was a day to remember. In the midst of a busy season, we took a moment to recognize what God is doing and brought our church family down to Ocean Beach to celebrate baptisms.

The day began with an informational class to discuss what it means to be baptized. During our Sunday gathering, individuals shared their stories of how Jesus has changed their life. Each account was shared of what life was like before Jesus, how they met Jesus, and what life is like now.   

One of the people getting baptized, Cindy, stated,

“My problems haven’t changed, but I’ve been given a peace.” 

Baptism signifies a new creation and walking forward in a new life that Jesus has called us to. It doesn’t mean that our problems may go away or that we won’t struggle on our journey. It means through our struggles and trials, we believe in a God who is understanding and merciful. (Hebrews 4:14-16).

As believers, we serve our community knowing there is a God that desires a relationship with everyone. We reflect Christ’s example by not putting ourselves above anyone else and by putting ourselves in the shoes of the one’s we serve. That is why listening is so important in the City Impact culture. Through Christ, we have learned to love our neighbors, sit with them  where they are, and understand what they’re going through.

A day like this Sunday is so special because when we have walked through life with someone and we see them grow in their faith and their life being changed inside out, it gives us more joy. Nine people were baptized in all as we cheered and celebrated. The day was a great moment to pause, remember who God is, who renews us, and lifts our load, so we can continue to serve others, and intervene!