Grace Banquet 2: Post Outreach Dinner

Following the Pre-Christmas Outreach, Adopt a Building volunteers set up for a dinner at City Impact with neighbors and residents in the Tenderloin. After 2 PM, guests began trickling in and around 2:30 PM, over eight tables were filled up. Food was served and as guests finished up eating, music began and everyone began to sing in Mandarin.

Following the music and singing, a volunteer stood stood up to share her story how God has impacted her life, and also her relationship with her mother. She shared how she just recently returned from seeing her mother pass away on her bed. Their relationship with God gave the volunteer and her mother a peace about moving on from this life. She spoke to the guests with a passion and many clapped and thanked the volunteer for sharing. For some guests, it was their first time being in a church environment.

Thank you to everyone who is able to make this day possible. Thank you to the volunteers who are willing to serve and give time to delight in and befriend people who may not have someone to share this season with. Thank you to the supporters who are able to give resources to help provide the fuel to the ministry. You are truly the engine to what is happening here at SF City Impact.

Adopt A Building is SF City Impact’s initiative to intervene through building relationships on every floor, and every door, of the Tenderloin that will lead people to life transformation. Learn more.