Grace Banquet: Dinner and a Movie in the Tenderloin

On Sunday, December 7, 2014, hundreds of Tenderloin residents were invited to have dinner with Adopt A Building volunteers, staff and leadership students. Tables and decorations were set up at SF City Impact and four adopted buildings, where community dinners were hosted by volunteer leaders. Dinner and dessert was prepared by Terry Lu, a great advocate of SF City Impact in Orange County. A movie showing was hosted at 230 Jones street, while other locations focused on dinner and conversation. Tenderloin residents received wrapped gifts provided by SF City Impact and the generous volunteers.

Here are some details on the day:

  • 360 meals served
  • 200 gifts 
  • 150 volunteers
  • 15 buildings
  • 5 dinner locations
  • 1 movie: Elf

Thank you to the volunteers from Canyon Creek Church, The Father’s House, Vacaville, and the many people that served for the day!

Thank you Terry Lu and the dream team from Orange, California for the wonderful dinner and dessert!

Adopt A Building is SF City Impact’s initiative to intervene through building relationships on every floor, and every door, of the Tenderloin that will lead people to life transformation. Learn more about Adopt A Building at