Wake Up Dreaming! *New Community Center

Waking up this morning, my heart was immediately full, thinking of all the incredible things that are taking place. The tension we constantly wrestle with, is the feeling to celebrate what has already been done knowing full well there is so much more work ahead. Creating margin to celebrate is important; creating margin to dream for the future is even more important. 

In January, we were able to secure three new properties on Taylor Street. It is a vital location on the neediest block of San Francisco. Acquiring these buildings is a miraculous story for another time. The acquisition is worth celebrating, but the PURPOSE of this building drives us to dream again! 

Please take a look at the NEW SF City Impact Community Center. Isn't it beautiful? 

Imagine a place where: 

  1. Children and Youth have a safe haven after school for tutoring, computer labs, and creative arts programs. 
  2. Adults during the day can receive job training skills; restoring people's dreams and purpose again. 
  3. Adopt a Building volunteers can invite their friends from the adopted buildings to a place where they can dive deeper in friendships and relationships. 
  4. Live music will be played, songs will be written, and a soundtrack to what God is doing in San Francisco can be recorded. 
  5. Women in the Tenderloin can have their dignity restored and spend quality time with volunteers who care for them.

Our focus has always been the PEOPLE not the programs. We will not run a program if it doesn't foster building relationships with people. Programs without relationship is toxic charity.

We picture a proverbial oasis in the desert. A place the community can call their own. This is a strategic location and property that will allow us to double our IMPACT in the community without increasing our overhead. 

Last month, at a small dinner in a friend's home, we raised $195,000, 40% of our goal needed to get this building running. Construction has already started and we will be finished in two months (per the contractor). We celebrate all that has happened, we are full of excitement for the work that's needed to finish the task! 

This morning, Father's Day 2014, our hearts are full thinking of all that will happen in this place. With that said, as you wake up, dream with us! And as Mother Teresa once said, "Let's do something beautiful for God."