16 Ways to Get Involved in 2016

Here are 16 different ways you can get involved with San Francisco City Impact this year. To volunteer, complete the form through the link to connect with the Volunteer Center. 

San Francisco City Academy

1. Teach an inner city child a skill

Through the Enrichment Program, the goal is to create opportunities for volunteers to share their gifts and talents to help inner city children think outside of the box. Many of the children in the inner city of San Francisco do not have the resources to join extracurricular programs in athletics, arts and technology. The commitment would be to lead a class one day a week for 6 weeks from 3pm-5pm. There will be an SFCA staff to help manage students. (Enrichment ideas: dance, art, STEM, music, coding, photography, yoga, etc.)

2. Accelerated Reader Champion (Once a week)

Through the Accelerated Reader Champion program, you can be in the classroom assisting the teacher in managing the classroom reading program. Responsibilities will include organizing books, reading with students, facilitating reading quizzes, organizing scores and reports, and managing the reading reward system.

3. Sponsor a child at San Francisco City Academy

Sponsoring a student is much more than just providing education and resources for a child. Sponsors get to write and interact with their child to develop a relationship. Schedule a lunch and share a conversation over a meal with a student. A positive relationship and role model is very impactful in a young child's life.

4. Cook meals for the homeless and inner city kids

Experienced cooks and chefs are needed every single day of the week. Over 140,000 meals come out of the commercial kitchen for the community. This is the heartbeat and driving force to many of the outreaches to the community. 

School of Ministry

5. Help teach classes in the School of Ministry

Classes are offered in City Impact School of Ministry through Northwest University. Students serve for nine months with a balance of formal training and hands on tangible ministry. A master's degree is required to teach. 

Adopt a Building

6. Build friendships and visit people who are shut-in

Build long term relationships with people who are isolated and shut-in. Over 37,000 residents live in 305 buildings in the inner city of San Francisco. The home visits program is expanding to mobilize health care, love, and in-home personal care and development. 

Health & Wellness Center

7. Provide Medical Care to people shut-in

Each week volunteers and volunteer health professionals intervene by performing home visits to those most isolated. Health professionals can join the mobile medical team and meet residents where they are in need of medical attention.

8. Provide Specialized & Urgent Medical Care

Health professionals can volunteer at the clinic and provide specialized and urgent care to the residents in the expanding Health & Wellness Center.  

Rescue Mission

9. Build relationships and help feed the homeless

Serve food to the homeless and hungry every day. Work with an amazing and dynamic volunteer base and leaders from the Tenderloin community. 

10. Lead worship for City Impact in the inner city of SF

Lead worship throughout the week and help bring new songs to the Tenderloin. Perform 2-4 songs at the Rescue Mission to help encourage the people we serve.

Thrift Store

11. Offer customer service and care in the Thrift Store

The City Impact Thrift Store is not only serves as a low income store to resource and provide for the people in the inner city of San Francisco. It serves as a place of refuge for vulnerable women and men in need of friendship. 


12. Photographer/Videographer

Capture what's going on in the Tenderloin and help tell a story through video and images of the community. Help edit photos or footage remotely to develop content. 

13. Graphic Designer

Assist the communications & marketing team to share stories with supporters and the community by designing content on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. 

14. Tech Support

Empower the administration team by addressing any technical issues or thinking creatively to improve technical systems.

15. Admin Assistant

Assist the administration team with behind the scenes work of organization and updating information, and delivering content to different audiences, . 

16. Construction

Build new classrooms, apartments, and renovate buildings to help expand the growing reach of San Francisco City Impact. This year will include expanding the Health & Wellness Center and renovating the Thrift Store. 

To volunteer, complete the form below and begin making an impact on someone's life.