2015 Thanksgiving Day Outreach: Recap

On Thanksgiving Day, City Impact hosted its annual Thanksgiving Outreach, mobilizing over 900 volunteers through 29 ministry outreaches. City Impact mobilized volunteers from the greater San Francisco area and beyond to intervene on behalf of the people of the inner city. Over 5,000 residents were blessed and served this Thanksgiving.

Volunteers were mobilized through ministry outreaches including a Sit Down Café, Meal Deliveries, Building Parties, Street Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Medical House Calls, and a Kids Carnival.

Some of the highlights from the 2015 Thanksgiving Outreach include:

  • 3,000+ meals handed out
  • 800+ people served a meal at a sit-down café
  • 900 articles of clothing passed out
  • 400 meals served between 8 building parties
  • 100 kids at the carnival
  • 30 makeovers (haircuts & nails)

Thank you to all the volunteers and leaders for spending your Thanksgiving with City Impact serving and intervening on behalf of the people of the inner city!