Christmas Grace Banquet

On December 20th, City Impact held it’s annual Christmas Grace Banquet. Over 80+ guests from the inner city joined together at 230 Jones St. for dinner and a Pre-Christmas Gathering. Guests shared Christmas memories, songs, and the importance of Christ this holiday season together.

Several volunteers from Los Angeles and Bridges Community Church in Fremont partnered with City Impact, and graciously cooked and prepped over 360 meals for our SF City Impact church community and residents of the community who were not able to join us. Dinner consisted of Rosemary-seasoned chicken, sautéed vegetables, salad, pasta with marinara sauce, and apple olive oil cake with ice cream for dessert.

Thank you for those who were able to join the gathering and the dinner, to those who helped serve, and a special thank you to Terry Lu for leading a team to cook an extravagant dinner!

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