Compassion Weekend 2015 Recap

Hundreds of volunteers flocked to the inner city of San Francisco to serve the people in the Tenderloin district on Saturday, April 11 and Sunday April 12. Where most of the Tenderloin is filled with trauma, addiction and isolation, volunteers came with medical and dental care, soap for footwashing, hot meals, haircuts and clothes. A kids carnival and sports bash was also held at the Kroc Center right next to the City Impact Thrift Store. Over 20 outreaches were run in all for an annual event called Compassion Weekend. Each year Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC) partners with San Francisco City Impact to leverage their resources and go out in the Tenderloin district to serve the people in the community.

Christian Huang opened up to share about SF City Impact and what this day is about.

“We are not just a non-profit with a bunch of programs, we are an idea that one man or woman can intervene and make a difference.” Christian said.

“We have men and women intervening everyday through 14 different ministries. Today can be a celebration of doing life together with people in the Tenderloin!”

Hundreds of Tenderloin residents and community members attended the Jones street block party to receive food, clothing and care. A breakfast cafe was hosted on the street where guests could sit down and enjoy coffee, pastries and conversation with volunteers. Many of the volunteers associated with the breakfast cafe are Tenderloin community members themselves who volunteer at the City Impact Rescue Mission on a weekly and daily basis.

Several nurses and medical volunteers were out on the street administering care to people. Building parties filled community spaces and brought residents down from their rooms to interact with one another. The day was complete with joy and engaging conversations. Compassion Weekend served as a glimpse of what we do, and why we intervene.

Thank you MPPC for partnering with SF City Impact to bring life and celebration to the community! Thank you volunteers and leaders for your service and sacrifice this weekend and each week! Special thanks to leaders, Kristen and Leslie for your continual dedication to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco!

Here are three updates and upcoming events to get more involved:

  1.  City Impact Headquarters Grand Opening
  2. City Academy Graduation
  3. City Impact Conference