A Beautiful Act of Service | Brenna's Conference Story

Being pushed out of a comfort zone is a difficult thing to do. There is a tendency to fall back to where we feel safe within a our space, in our own circle and expectations. 

At the City Impact Conference, many are called to step out in faith and reach outside their comfort zones to intervene on behalf of others. It may feel scary or unappealing, but we are met with an even greater level of love for people and we see why we need to go out. 

Here is an example of a past attendee, who experienced just that. Stepping out of a comfort zone and finding grace and love in the middle of a beautiful, ironic new experience. 

Enter Brenna: 

"While being briefed on Building Parties, I came to understand that one of many service opportunities included cleaning party-goers/tenants' rooms. As a germaphobe, I immediately cringed at the idea of cleaning a stranger's room and decided to avoid that activity at all costs. I even prayed a silent prayer that God would save me from being assigned this task (ha!). So, I volunteered to set up the party decorations, serve food, and chat with party guests. I fell into conversation with a man named Jason, a man in his late fifties whose appearance resembled something between a hippy and a cowboy. We talked about Jesus and religion; he told me stories about his distant and recent past. Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted by a City Impact Volunteer Leader who reminded Jason that he had requested his room be cleaned. Lo and behold, I was asked to assist. It was certainly possible to escape this assignment, but I felt God tugging on my heart and, in an ironic twist of reality, realized my prayers had been vain and selfish.

That afternoon, two of my close friends and I cleaned a rather dirty, crammed SRO laden with cigarette butts and a film of ash. I felt completely removed from my comfort zone, yet was also beautifully called to serve in a new and challenging way.

Jason continually thanked us for what a great job we had done and, although Jason was not a Christian himself, I believe this simple act of service showed him he was lovedboth by us and a mighty Savior.

I will always hold my memory of Jason and the City Impact Conference near to my heart."

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