A Poetic Encounter | Nena's Conference Story

One of the Conference attendees journaled their experience on their phone immediately after their time at City Impact Conference. 

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This following is a testimony of the attendee: 

Enter Nena:

"Before you read that I just want to share the main message I took away.

Matthew 25:40 tells us that “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” When we walk on the street we see many faces. We may run into people that we know or look familiar to us on occasion, but other than those rare crossings, each face is unknown to us. Each face belongs to someone who holds many memories and experiences that we will never come to know. Everyday hundreds of untold thoughts, stories, and lives pass us by. It wasn't until after my experience in the Tenderloin, that I stopped to take note that each person who is less fortunate has a story. I began to see each face as a brother and a sister. I became aware that even just a kind word, or smile was not only given to the person but to God. How much different would we interact with the least of our brothers and sister if we saw them as Jesus.

"Here is my spoken word. I have had the opportunity to perform it in front of my school and my church. It also gives me the opportunity to encourage people to volunteer for City Impact. I hope you enjoy.

His hands were shaking as he took the food from my hands that were still. “Prayer? Yes, please, please Pray for me! Pray for me”, he repeated. Shocked at his plea, I stumbled for words, and all that was able to come was, “for what...For what do you need prayer?”

“Life”, was his reply.

“I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired”, were his exact words. “I want to go. I want to sleep. I want to die, kill myself or let the blue colors do it…the police, I mean.”

Not knowing how to begin a prayer after such a confession, I just stared at the man. Another women began to pray for him, but I put my hand on his shoulder. He quickly stepped away and interrupted her mid-sentence. He started to talk. “God knows everything” he said in a loud voice. “He knows your thoughts and the number of hairs on your head.” He gestured to the sky. “There was an airplane, it crashed, the airbags, the fire, the pilot didn't know what to do.” He stopped. A feeling of pity infiltrated my soul through the sight of this man, and through the noise of his words. I was left speechless and just staring.

My thoughts wandered,

Where was this man from, and how did he end up here?

Had his hands always shook, or was it the effect of his intoxicated body? Probably the latter, but I wondered what had brought him here to this street.

Was it a tragedy in his life that placed him on the sidewalk with life ending thoughts?

My thoughts shifted to more current things.

When was the last time he bought clothes?

How long had the off white shirt been off white and on his back, and torn shoes been torn and on his feet?

How many years did he live in a house, and how many years has he been absent from one?

What made him beg for prayer, or mention that God knows everyone's thoughts and the number of hairs on our heads?

He must have known that my thoughts had wandered because he broke them with his words. They were not loud this time, but soft, and came in the form of a compliment.

“You should be a model--or a motivational speaker.” The words “thank you” slopped through my lips as I chuckled to myself.

More than anything, I wanted to stay to learn this man’s story, and more than anything, I wanted to leave for every word he said was accompanied by a spray from his lips. But looking back, I regret not staying, because even after it all, I forgot to ask the man his name."

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