City Impact Headquarters Building Dedication

Several leaders, donors and City Impact advocates came together to dedicate the new City Impact Headquarters building on Thursday, May 14. Guest speakers included President of Northwest University, Dr. Joseph Castleberry, District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and President of Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids, Nick Bovis. Special partners were recognized including the Owners of Original Joe's Restaurant, John and Marie Duggan, Church Extension Plan (CEP), and several more partners and donors.  

The music and attendees filled the building before he speakers took stage and cast vision for the exciting things to come.

Executive Director Christian Huang opened with welcoming and explaining the value of the Headquarters. Several announcements were made on what the City Impact Headquarters will accomplish:

  • It grows our City Academy, our school from 110 to 250 students. The City Academy was the first school in the Tenderloin and currently the only school that offers all levels, K-8th grade.
  • It will triple the amount of patients we see in the City Impact Health & Wellness Clinic to 1,200 per month. This new location will greatly expand our service to Tenderloin residents and will be a significant value add to the City of San Francisco, health care system and the Department of Public Health as we seek intentionally reduce the number of emergency response calls and emergency room visits by offering residents direct support, medical attention and the love of Jesus.
  • It opens up a space for a new social enterprise venture with a focus of entrepreneurship in the culinary industry. This will help provide job creation, occupational training and additional revenue streams for the ministry. This will be a partnership with Nick Bovis, and the Left O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids.
  • It will house the City Impact School of Ministry. The City impact School of Ministry is a program where young adults can be trained in theology while being equipped and mobilized with hands-on ministry through City Impact. A partnership with Northwest University opens the opportunity for students to receive college credit during their stay and service.

After having read Chasing God, the story of how City Impact started, President of Northwest University, Dr. Joseph Castleberry expressed his excitement, “...An immigrant who no one would’ve expected to take the lead, stepped into a difficult situation and by the power of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of God, did something noteworthy that the whole world is beginning to talk about. So it is excited for me to be here today, to see what God is doing, and to say that we are a part of it.”

Jane Kim, District 6 Supervisor shared about her inspiration, “I have to say there is nothing that has inspired more faith and hope for me than City Impact and what a church can do for a community. Its central base is about love and bringing more people even outside of the neighborhood to share that and you see that.

The volunteers here go into the single room occupancy where a lot of people are scared to go into, and they door knock, and build real authentic, meaningful, relationships with people, one on one.”

Christian closed before the official dedication and ribbon cutting.

“The partnerships are in place, we’re going to enroll the ministry students and so now we just need to fortify the organization and fill it out. Our hope a vision is by September we will have 50 school of ministry students in this building. That basically doubles everything we are doing a City Impact. We completely double our reach without increasing our overhead.”

To immediately apply to the City Impact School of Ministry, go to

To learn more about the School of Ministry, go to

Thank you to all of the attendees and everyone who helped make the possible.