City Impact Conference: Stories

City Impact Conference is a ONE DAY experience filled with worship and Biblical justice by immediately hitting the streets of the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco) to engage in 45+ outreaches. Each year thousands of people intervene for the people in the Tenderloin district and many more are impacted whether serving or being served. 

Every year we hear ongoing stories of people impacted beyond just one day. Here a few stories that have been shared: 

Another volunteer and I were walking along the streets trying to share with people about our foot washing station as well as the rest of the services offered when we bumped into a lady who was told about the "block party". She told us she wasn't personally able to go because she was feeling under the weather, but thanked us saying "Thank you so much everything you've down. Even though I can't personally receive this, I want to thank you for bring all these people outside. You see all these people here? Most of them never leave their apartments, but today they did, and you can tell that the tenderloin is so bright today!"  

We met Larry on Eddy. He was having a beer and chilling with his buddy. We asked him how he was doing and he said he was backsliding...etc. Some in the group talked to him further and prayed for him. I watched him for a while, talking to other residents, just checking in or saying hi. And before we left, I gave him a word. I told him that he is a joy bringer. He brings joy into people's lives, and it is so needed. He was incredibly touched, and he said that that was spot on. But he's been using his gifts for himself and not for Jesus. (I wished that I could've spoken more to him about how grace is new every morning and it's ok to fail, just try again the next day and the next and the next.) I declared freedom over him, and I pray that he would live his identity as a joy bringer. 

My life was transformed and I was deeply moved. I wish they had these every weekend. That being said, I cannot wait to continue to serve with my brothers and sisters at City Impact on a regular basis.

God brought healing to my heart and laid down some area of bondage I didn't know i had still. 32 yrs ago Jesus found me in the Tenderloin district and pulled me out of the gutter. It was liberating

I organized a group of 14 people from my church to go. The fact that they all came back with stories to tell made an impact on me. I am so glad I have been coming for 4 years to volunteer! I love this ministry. I like the variety of outreaches to choose from. My personal story about the conference was talking and connecting with the Muslim women and children. I prayed for them and I'm blown away at the experience the children received.

It's always awesome to be a part of the City Impact Conference! This was my 3rd year participating, and I intend to come back next year! I got to pray for multiple people, and also pray with a guy re-dedicating his life to Jesus!

The best was when a street person poured out his beer and gave his life to Christ.