Advanced Reading Awards

Staff, students and volunteers celebrated and recognized City Academy students who achieved high marks in reading goals this year. Awards included most books read, most words read and recognition for achievements in each class. Students who read 1,000,000 words or more received an $1,000,000 dollar bill to signify their achievement.  

The students have gone through an Accelerated Reading (AR) Program where the student picks a book at their own level and reads at their own pace. When finished, the student takes a short quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz indicates the student understood what was read. AR provides feedback to both the student and teacher based on the quiz results, which the teacher uses to help the student set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Thank you to all the parents, volunteers, staff and sponsors who helped spur on and encourage their student this year! You truly have made a difference in the life of your child! We truly believe in the power of reading and developing a love for reading.

San Francisco City Academy's mission is to empower urban children and release them to excel academicallyphysicallyspiritually and socially.