City Academy Graduation | Empower & Release to Succeed!

San Francisco City Academy ended the school year graduating the Kindergarten class and 8th grade glass of 2017! Staff, students, parents, sponsors, and volunteers all gathered together to celebrate the graduating students and classes. The Kindergarten ceremony was held on Thursday, May 25th and the 8th grade ceremony on Friday, May 26th. 

Students were each given a certificate of recognition as well as recognized for a character value they displayed throughout the year. 

Mrs. Laura Osborn, lead the ceremony for the Kindergarten class, "These students have learned to forgive and to love each other again and again. Something that's hard for us adults to do too. But I see it in them and they are ready to forgive over and over again. And many times as a teacher I would say, I'm here to teach them math, reading, writing, to play and share, to do this and to do that. But God put these 19 in my life to teach me something and to work in my heart to become a better teacher, a better person."

Ms. Nicolle Bremner shared in the 8th grade ceremony along with Ms. Pushpa Samuel, City Academy Principal. Guest Speaker, Pastor Malcolm of New Hope Gilroy made a charge to the 8th grade students, parents, and staff. Pastor Malcolm grew up in the Tenderloin and experience the hardships and stark reality of living in poverty and brokenness.

"Your past doesn't have to define your future. God is already in your future. He see's right where you are, and he knows right where you're going. If you take your teacher's advice, and you keep Jesus first, your relationships with Jesus first, He will take you places you could've never imagined. I've had the privilege to go all over the world, I've preached with missionaries in Thailand I've preached in Malaysia and the underground church in China. I've been blessed to be able to pastor a church. To be involved in my community, I serve as a police chaplain, I serve as a fire chaplain, where I can speak into the lives of police officers and victims of crimes that normally would never know. 

I'm reminded of the story of David...he was in the lineage of David was selected to be king he had 6 brothers. He was the youngest of all his brothers, the smallest of all his brothers, and he was selected to be the next king of Israel. After that took place he went to back to work as a shepherd in the fields. David went on to become a great champion of Israel. You have in you the by virtue of your birthright through Jesus Christ, you have in you the heart of a champion. You have in you the heart of a warrior. You have in you the privilege, the ideas, the thoughts of the mind of Christ flowing through your mind soul and spirit. Pastor Malcolm thanked everyone and recognized the work going on through San Francisco City Impact and San Francisco City Academy. 

Thank you teachers, staff, students, volunteers and parents for attending the graduation ceremonies. Special thanks to Pastor Malcolm for sharing at the 8th grade ceremony. 

The mission of San Francisco City Academy is to empower urban children and release them to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially.

Kindergarten Graduation 2017


8th Grade Graduation 2017