Mr. Yancey's Story | Musician, Martial Artist & Multilinguist

What type of life would you have if you could speak 30 languages, be musically gifted to play and sing any song, and be a physical warrior to master martial arts and to standing military press over 275 pounds?

You'd probably imagine some of these skills could lead to meeting some of the world's most famous people—Arnoarnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Montana, and Santana. 

It sounds like a talent dream, but you think that with these skills you could ever be lead to homelessness & eviction? 

This is exactly what happened to the talented, globetrotter, Norbert Yancey. He was facing eviction, about to become homeless on the streets of San Francisco, and had no one to help him. After having met so many people, he was left hungry and all the video below to see his story.