Pre-Christmas Outreach 2017

Thank you to all the volunteers who served at our Pre-Christmas Outreach on December 9th. Around 125 people joined us on Saturday to serve children and residents in the Tenderloin. During the Christmas season, isolation and loneliness can heighten among the 30,000 residents that live in 305 apartment buildings. Many people remain inside and behind closed doors. It isn't easy spending the holidays alone, but with the help of many volunteers, City Impact is able to intervene on behalf of the men, women and children in the inner-city.

Volunteers who came on Saturday served at our Kids Christmas party, sit-down cafe, assisted in meal prep and meal deliveries, building parties, beauty area, and in our health clinic.

Here are some details of the day:

  • 1,000 meals served at our street cafe and through meal deliveries

  • 68 residents attending our community parties in their building

  • 200 hygiene kits passed out

  • 160 kids received Christmas gifts

  • 40 people received haircuts and makeovers

Thank you again to all the volunteers and sponsors, and special thanks to the kids and families who attended our Kids Christmas Party!

Please consider joining us on Christmas day at our Christmas Day Outreach for our last Holiday Outreach of the year. Learn more through the link below.