Rex's Story | Addiction in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco)

Gearing up for the Holidays we can find ourselves overwhelmed by our schedules. In the inner city of San Francisco, someone like Rex is just hanging on by a thread. After years of addiction he now faced the operation table. At the hospital before right before his surgery, there was only one thing to do—pray. Rex realized when we open our eyes to God’s love, we can discover his heart is to be with us.

It takes time, energy and resources to intervene in someone’s life. In the inner city we want to empower others and see them set free. Like Rex, sometimes it takes years of consistency and a miracle. Rex was in and out of City Impact for decades, but until his encounter with God he claims, “I was a terror to City Impact!”

Now Rex volunteers every day and helps with security, bible studies, services and church gatherings throughout the week!