Product Unboxing | #Beautywishes2019

City Impact received beauty products from multiple campaign sponsors including ColourPopCYO Cosmetics L'Oréal Paris Maybelline New York Morphe BrushesNative Sigma Beauty wet n wild. The products were used to bless 78 mothers of our City Academy, K-8 students. One of the mothers was so excited to receive a product from Colourpop CYO Cosmetics. “I bought it a few weeks ago and it broke, and I was looking to get one again, but I’m so excited to receive one today” the mother said.

Another mom said, “I wasn’t going to do anything on Valentine’s day, but this was such an amazing treat!”

City Impact is excited to continue to restore beauty and dignity back to the people in the inner city of San Francisco. Thank you to the product sponsors and Project Beauty Share who graciously showered us with these wonderful products.

Beauty products and hygiene care might be small stuff for a lot of people, but for the women that are struggling with homelessness, and mental illness, it's EVERYTHING to find dignity restored.

Please vote for us in the link below! We are the ONLY nonprofit in California, and California has the largest homeless population in America!