Thanksgiving Day Outreach Recap

On Thursday, November 22, City Impact held its annual Thanksgiving Day Outreach with over 600 volunteers who served in over 14 outreaches. The event has been going on for around 30 years while City Impact has been in the Tenderloin District for 34 years. The outreach is a one day hands-on volunteer experience to intervene on behalf of others. What a way to spend the holiday serving others in the Tenderloin.

Here are some details on the day:

  • 2,650 meals served

  • 543 served at our 100 Block Jones St party

  • 139 people clothed

  • 100 kids and family members at our Kids Thanksgiving Day Outreach

Thank you to all of our volunteers, sponsors and families who gathered with us on Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for the City Impact family and the many people who help impact others.

Thanksgiving Day Outreach 2017

Thanksgiving can be a lonely time for man residents in the inner city of San Francisco. It isn't uncommon for some inner city residents to check into the hospital for the holidays or fall into depression while being isolated from others. For 30 years City Impact has held its Thanksgiving Day Outreach to welcome and come alongside the people in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

On Thursday, November 23, 2017, around 700 volunteers came to serve in our outreaches include a kids carnival, sit-down cafe, grocery and meal delivery, building parties, beauty area and a medical area. Volunteers also cooked and prepped the 3,600 meals that were going out to the community. 

Here are some details on the day:

  • 3,600 meals served at our street cafe and delivered to over 50 buildings in the Tenderloin
  • 400 grocery bags given out
  • 300 people seen at our medical fair
  • 200 people clothed (not shown in video)
  • 150 kids at our kids carnival
  • 50 people received haircuts and makeovers

One of City Impact's core values is Prayer: pray like the persistent widow. We believe in the power of prayer and on Thanksgiving a woman named Rachel was seen to be transformed by the prayers of volunteers. 

Check out the vido below for an overview!

Thanks again to all of the amazing volunteers and sponsors who came and served with us on Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day Outreach

On Thursday, November 24th, 2016, San Francisco City Impact held its annual Thanksgiving Day Outreach with close to 850 volunteers serving in over 17 outreaches. The Thanksgiving Day Outreach is a one day, hands-on, volunteer experience to serve people in the inner city of San Francisco. 

Special guests, California state Assemblyman, David Chiu and San Francisco District 6 Board of Supervisors, Jane Kim joined us for the day. 

Here are some details on the day:

  • 3,000 meals served
  • 700 people served at our Street Cafe and Street Fair
  • 800 grocery bags passed out
  • 260 kids attended our Kids Carnival.
  • 40 Haircuts
  • 25 manicures
  • 20 makeovers

Thank you again to our amazing volunteers, team members and leaders who served on Thanksgiving Day! 

Farrington Thanksgiving Outreach

On Saturday, November 12th, 2016, volunteers, and team members gathered for the annual Farrington Thanksgiving Outreach. Around 300 people joined in to serve in different outreaches in the inner city of San Francisco including: the sit-down meal service at our Rescue Mission, meal delivery to those isolated in the inner city, and building parties to help build relationships and foster community. 

The Farrington Outreach is in dedication to Beth Farrington, one of City Impact's most faithful volunteers. It is because Beth has leveraged her life for the benefit of others that now thousands of lives are being impacted every day. Beth was an advocate for our K-8 school, San Francisco City Academy, empowering urban children and releasing them to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially. Beth also helped mobilize hundreds of volunteers to serve through our ministries including our Rescue Mission, Thrift Store and K-8 School. Through Beth's life and her husband Jeff, who continues the legacy and service to others, City Impact's ministries will continue. Beth and Jeff's life prove that one man and woman can make a difference. 

Thank you to Jeff Farrington, New Life Church, and all the volunteers who served for the day. 

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