Pre-Christmas Outreach Recap

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, sponsors and partners who served with us at our Pre-Christmas Outreach! Thank you to special guest Bob Dalton, founder of Sackcloth and Ashes, a one for one model company that provides a blanket to the homeless for every blanket purchased. Bob shared how important it is to invest in the children. He gave a call to act, when address the debate on homelessness, he assured, there’s no debate when it comes to helping the children, we just go.

The Kids Christmas party was filled with joy, laughter, and a performance was put on by volunteer team members and staff. Our sit-down Rescue Mission cafe was located on Taylor street, where anyone could walk in, sit down to receive a hot meal and a new blanket to keep.

Check out the video below for a highlight of the day!

Thank you again to all the families who gathered with us for the day! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Lina's Story | The Power of Christmas

Lina grew up in the Tenderloin District (inner city) of San Francisco. She was engrossed with the survival culture, and bullying in a tough area. Lina developed a hardness in order to protect herself from the pain. However, one tradition at City Impact tugged on Lina’s heart to keep returning each year. Learn more about Lina’s story through the video below.

The Pre-Christmas Outreach and Christmas Day Outreach host our Kids Christmas Toy Sign up & Giveaway. Families sign up for a small fee during the holiday season to receive a toy on the Pre-Christmas Outreach. Any families who missed the sign up can receive a toy FREE on Christmas Day.

San Francisco exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. We mobilize over 8,000 volunteers a year to intervene on behalf of others.

Christmas Day Outreach 2017

Thank You to everyone who joined us for our Christmas Day Outreach! We had around 300 volunteers who prepped and served meals or threw a Christmas Party for kids in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

Walking through the Tenderloin, it is not typically a place to expect people to come in on Christmas morning. However, we believe the people in the Tenderloin are full of potential, especially the 3,000 children that live in this district and make it the most dense area for children in San Francisco. One of our core values is FAMILY: Take time to include and invest in people, and City Impact has been throwing holiday outreaches for close to 33 years and will continue to do so for 33 more years. 

This was our first year we brought together kids and families of our K-8 School, San Francisco City Academy at a non-school related event. Families sat together, ate brunch, and enjoyed each others company as we gathered together as one big family and community. This brunch was only made possible through partnership from local organizations, volunteers and our Child Sponsors. Our supporters helped provide a safe, clean, and dignifying space for families on Christmas morning. Most of our City Academy families have no plans or resources to create this kind of environment in their own homes on Christmas. A breakfast buffet was set up and tables with various Christmas activities such as card making and gingerbread house building. A showing of A Charlie Brown Christmas was played and gifts were passed out for the entire family.

Some of our other outreaches included:

  • Meal Prep -  preparing 1,000 meals to be served 
  • Meal Delivery - delivering meals to shut-in residents
  • Building Parties - inviting shut-in residents into community meals
  • Rescue Mission Cafe - sit down meals for the homeless
  • Kids Christmas Party - an annual community event inviting children all over the Tenderloin for games, a Christmas message and gifts

Thanks again to all the families and guests who joined us for the day. Thank you to our volunteers and sponsors for making this day possible! 

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