Farrington Outreach 2017

Police sirens, pigeon flocks, and the occasional screech. These are some of the typical sounds heard from a corner block in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

However, if you look deeper, you will find the Tenderloin is full of children playing, music, and the sound of generous volunteers serving the people in the Tenderloin. 

That is what happens at the annual Farrington Outreach every November. 

What started from the efforts of one volunteer, Beth Farrington, who encouraged hundreds of volunteers to intervene on behalf of others, has now become ongoing long-term relationships through San Francisco City Impact and New Life Church. Beth was an advocate for San Francisco City Impact and San Francisco City Academy and devoted herself to the work during her life. Over six years ago, Beth passed away from cancer and is now survived by her husband, Jeff, who continues her legacy by serving every week at City Academy and hosting the annual Farrington Outreach. 

This year over 250 people joined the day to serve through 6 different outreaches including our sit down cafe at the Rescue Mission, kids carnival, street ministry, mobile medical team, building parties, and meal delivery. Volunteers also helped prepare over 1,800 meals to go out into the community. 

Thank you New Life Alamo, Redemption SF, Cumberland Presbytarian, Sunset Church, Venture Christian, Bridge Community, Sierra Bible, Victory Outreach, Tahoe Forest, members from the Fathers House and more! Special Thanks to Jeff Farrington, and the rest of the volunteers and team members who joined us for the day. You help make each ministry possible. We exist to intervene. 

Farrington Thanksgiving Outreach

On Saturday, November 12th, 2016, volunteers, and team members gathered for the annual Farrington Thanksgiving Outreach. Around 300 people joined in to serve in different outreaches in the inner city of San Francisco including: the sit-down meal service at our Rescue Mission, meal delivery to those isolated in the inner city, and building parties to help build relationships and foster community. 

The Farrington Outreach is in dedication to Beth Farrington, one of City Impact's most faithful volunteers. It is because Beth has leveraged her life for the benefit of others that now thousands of lives are being impacted every day. Beth was an advocate for our K-8 school, San Francisco City Academy, empowering urban children and releasing them to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially. Beth also helped mobilize hundreds of volunteers to serve through our ministries including our Rescue Mission, Thrift Store and K-8 School. Through Beth's life and her husband Jeff, who continues the legacy and service to others, City Impact's ministries will continue. Beth and Jeff's life prove that one man and woman can make a difference. 

Thank you to Jeff Farrington, New Life Church, and all the volunteers who served for the day. 

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