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San Francisco City Impact exist to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. It has been in the Tenderloin District (inner city of San Francisco) for 35 years. One morning, Roger Huang was getting off work, and witnessed a young boy getting beaten up. His heart was stricken from his own history of abuse in his family. On his way home, Roger couldn’t shake this moment. He felt God asking, “what if this was your son?” Roger said, “No one lays a hand on either of my sons. I would have helped him. Protected him.” God replied, “they’re all the same to Me…”

“San Francisco City Impact began with the heart to make a simple difference in the community around me.”
Pastor Roger Huang, Founder and Executive Director of City Impact

Roger broke down before his wife, Maite, and they prayed. They decided to make 50 sandwiches the very next day to pass out to the community. Roger, his wife Maite, and family began a journey to serve in the Tenderloin, to find a need and fill it. They kept returning again and again into the buildings discovering desperate and dire situations—children, men, and woman. As they continued to serve and persevere, God has remained faithful. Today, City Impact has grown to over 8,000 volunteers a year, with multiple departments to serve and meet physical and spiritual needs of the community.

San Francisco City Impact exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. To learn more about volunteering, go to sfcityimpact.com/volunteer.

Spring Season: Mission Teams

Throughout the year San Francisco City Impact receives mission team members who want to come to the inner city of San Francisco, step into a new context, and intervene on behalf of the people in the Tenderloin District (inner city of SF). 

One of the busier seasons is during the spring where over 450 team members come to serve others during the week. This week City Impact is hosting teams from Sacramento, Davis, San Diego, Folsom, Manteca as well as Idaho, Washington and Colorado. What an amazing picture of God's sons and daughters coming together as one. 

Check out the video update with Pastor Andrew McCourt from Bayside Church with our Founder, Roger Huang, as well as the photos below. 

Annual Gala 2017

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, City Impact hosted its Annual Gala at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. Pastor Roger, Founder of San Francisco City Impact, opened up with a prayer and introduced, Ryan Hsu, Operations Director, and Michael Hamada, Assistant Development Director. 

Ryan Hsu shared ministry updates of the Health & Wellness Center, Adopt a Building, School of Ministry, Missions and SF City Academy (K-8 School). 

Michael Hamada later shared updates of facilities & the acquiring of the 100 Taylor St Block Location. 

Check out the video updates below: 


Health & Wellness


Adopt a Building

School of Ministry

San Francisco City Academy (K-8 School)

Ike's Story


Urban Missions | Exist to Intervene

The spring season is in full swing and mission team members have been coming through the doors of City Impact to serve in the inner city of San Francisco. About 2,500 short term mission team members serve with City Impact annually from over 120 different groups. 

Many team members have gone on to start ministries in their own hometown after their time with City Impact. 

This week, teams from all around California served at City impact in the different ministries including Adopt a Building, TL Revive (community center), Rescue Mission, Thrift Store, City Academy, Health & Wellness Center, and the School of Ministry. 

Our desire is to see people a develop a burden for the lost and broken, be inspired through the Word and in ministry, grow in courage and boldness, and take back home what they experienced during their time with City Impact.

We believe short-term missions is best done when:

  1. Team members are plugged into meaningful ministry opportunities that come alongside a long term ministry to join their efforts in the community. 
  2. There is a goal of empowering, encouraging, and stirring people up to live out the mission in their every day lives when returning back home or being sent out to the world. In that effort to see long term impact, our staff pour into the groups that come in and guide them through their experience each step of the way.

San Francisco City Impact exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. We mobilize people to intervene through our ministries including a Rescue Mission, K-8 School, Health Clinic, Adopt a Building initiative, Thrift Store and a School of Ministry.