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Art's Story | Start Living instead of Dying

At a young age, Art fell in love, and married into a wealthy family. Like any parents, Art’s in-laws remained concerned for the well-being of their daughter. Art’s dream was to become a pastor and pursue theology school. Art began the first steps, however when time came for the entrance exam, he failed. Art’s wife left him which spiraled him down to drugs and alcohol. Art was left stuck, and alone…that’s when volunteers stopped in and invited him into the Rescue Mission. Check out Art’s full story in the video below.

You can make a difference on someone like Art this March. Will you give to help make an impact on a life?

Felicia's Story – You Can Make an Impact

Felicia believed she wouldn't live past her young age through a chronic history of abuse, victimization, and injustice. By a miracle she was able to get out, but with the help someone who intervened. Someone who visited her, someone who invited her in, someone who cared for her, someone who brought her home.

City Impact is an idea that one man or woman can make a difference. Through City Impact's multiple departments, a holistic approach is taken to revitalize a community and change a life.

Check out the video below and see the impact on one woman.  

City Impact Church: Baptisms

This week new family members were celebrated in joining City Impact Church through a baptism ceremony following the Sunday morning gathering. Baptisms are a public proclamation of faith and a representation of Christ's burial and resurrection. 

Three men who have been impacted are Ruben, Al and Eli. 

Ruben wanted to overcome his addiction. He kept searching for the right place to find freedom but keep being surrounded by negativity. Ruben then found City Impact, a community and family he could plug into and found hope, encouragement, positivity and the Spirit of God. Ruben is thankful for is family and continues to gather and be on mission with his family. 

Al came across Pastor Roger, founder of San Francisco City Impact when on a hunger strike years ago. Al would pass by and drop off water to Pastor Roger. Over the course of time Al was moved to help support City Impact and the ministries. Al also knew it was a sign from God when he signed up to be baptized but learned he couldn't make it back when he was out of town for an extended period of time. His plans suddenly changed and his flight switched last minute to make it in time to be baptized. 

Eli is a native to the bay area and grew up in the Bayview Hunter's Point area. He began hanging around bad influences at a young age and started to get into trouble early on. While trying to find escape through, drugs, alcohol and women, he was forced to rethink his life when his closest friend was killed. Eli himself was in a near fatal attack. Eli was invited by a close relative and friend to City Impact. Eli began seeing how God was working in his heart and his desires began to change. Eli is now a faithful volunteer and church family member who helps lead and influence youth who are experiencing what Eli did at a young age. 

San Francisco City Impact exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. 

City Impact Church is one body, on mission, experiencing God. Learn more at