Genentech Serve Day

On Wednesday, June 13, we held the Genentech Serve Day to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. About 30 team members from Genentech volunteered through Adopt a Building, delivering 212 meals to shut-in residents as well as our Kids Summer Kick Off Party. 150 inner city kids came to the party for games, prices and fun! 

Thanks you so much Genentech and team members for leveraging your resources for the benefit of others! We are changing one life at a time! 

Genentech Serve Day

On Wednesday, June 15, over 160 team members from Genentech served in the inner city of San Francisco. Genentech is a leader and pioneer in biotechnology committed to bring patients the medical solutions of tomorrow. 

Genentech team members served in our Thrift Store, and our Home Visits Program, including meal delivery and medical checkups to those most isolated. Team members also helped cook and prep fresh meals served to the residents. 800 meals were prepared and served to residents as well 4 inner city kids sponsored to help provide education

Beyond one day of service, City Impact is an idea that one person can make a difference. Hubert Pun is a leader in his community and his family serves here in the inner city multiple times per week. He is an employee at Genentech, a champion at City Impact and a hero to his friend Rick. Hubert helps mobilize over 10,000 volunteers a year through City Impact to help people focus on others. More than that, Hubert builds personal relationships with people like Rick throughout the week and come alongside the lives of others in need.