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Bobby's Story

When you face an obstacle or hurdle that stands in the way of your destiny, you can either see them as an excuse, or a tool to learn and rise above. Bobby is someone who is well familiar with both. Bobby became addicted to meth in his 20's, later began hearing voices after using speed amphetamine, contracted HIV after using a needle that was tampered with, and was diagnosed with ataxia, a crippling disease. 

Bobby has lived with limitations and the excuses became so common to him:

"...But I hear the voices...." 

"...I just don't want to be a burden to anyone...."

It was when Bobby stopped at the Rescue Mission he first heard the gospel. I thought it was "cool" as many other attributes of a God that would chase after him. 

Bobby's wonder of who God is has grown tremendously after being a vital member within a community that loves him and surrounds him with support. 

What formerly shrouded Bobby's mind with doubt, accusations and fear has now turned into laughter, joy and a wonder of God.  

No longer can you hear a resounding series of excuses but laughs and an exclaiming, "praise Jesus!" 

Thank you to all the volunteers, supporters and donors that drive this ministry and intervene on behalf of someone like Bobby!

"Jesus, was in my heart as well, and he knows my heart. That's why I am slowly but surely figuring out my destiny in life." says Bobby. "I'm more clear minded now, I'm not out of control, I'm not making a mess anymore, and I appreciate that, the LORD's gift, he's given me." 

Bobby is one of the many that have been served through Adopt a Building and our Rescue Mission

Felicia's Story – You Can Make an Impact

Felicia believed she wouldn't live past her young age through a chronic history of abuse, victimization, and injustice. By a miracle she was able to get out, but with the help someone who intervened. Someone who visited her, someone who invited her in, someone who cared for her, someone who brought her home.

City Impact is an idea that one man or woman can make a difference. Through City Impact's multiple departments, a holistic approach is taken to revitalize a community and change a life.

Check out the video below and see the impact on one woman.  

City Impact 2016 Annual Gala

On Saturday October 22nd, we had our 2016 Annual Gala at Social Hall in San Francisco. About 200 guests gathered for A Night to Intervene and to celebrate the past year, and hear stories of changed lives and updates from key ministries. 

Two key advocates were awarded at the end of the night for their dedicate of serve in the inner city. Congratulations to Sponsor of the Year, Monica Rohrer, and Volunteer of the Year Cecilia Cardenas! You have made an impact in so many lives in the inner city of San Francisco! 

Thank you to our guests, sponsors and everyone who was a part of the gala! Ultimately you are helping drive what God is doing by leveraging your life and resources for others! Thank you!

If you missed out, or want to recap the night, check out our updates below of our key ministries. See and hear stories of changed lives and learn WHY WE EXIST: TO INTERVENE!

Adopt a Building

Health & Wellness Center


School of Ministry

San Francisco City Academy

SFCA Kids Choir

Grace Banquet September 2016

On Sunday September 4th, 2016, 65+ volunteers visited over 12 buildings to invite friends and residents to share a meal and conversation. Over 120 fresh meals were served including dessert!

Each week volunteers are mobilized through adopt a building to intervene by building relations on every floor and every door.

Special thanks to Terry Lu for helping provide the cooked meal! 

Learn more about adopt a building below: