chasing god

Chasing God

It has been over 33 years since Roger Huang first witnessed a young boy being bullied and after hearing God speak, "what would you do if that was your son?" Roger said, "I would help him." God replied, "they're all the same to me."  

Roger when home and broke down crying before his wife, Maite, and family. In response, he and his wife passed out 50 sandwiches the very next day. The couple kept on helping, which has turned into what is now San Francisco City Impact.

4 years ago today Roger Huang, Founder of City Impact, released his book, Chasing God, an account of his life and story of City Impact.

We are thankful we get to see the impact of one man or woman through a simple act to intervene. We are thankful that we are a part of what our sponsors, volunteers and donors are doing through their support. 

Thakn you! 

Check out the video below: