make your city great!

Make Your City Great!

On Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24 hundreds of volunteers came together in the inner city of San Francisco to serve in over 25+ outreaches. For the past several years City Impact has partnered with Menlo Church and the greater bay volunteers to mobilize people to intervene.

Here are some details on the weekend:

  • 2,400 meals served
  • 250 people feed at the sit-down Street Cafe
  • 120 kids attended Kids Carnival
  • 80 people given a foot wash or nail care. 
  • 40 people medically assessed 

Many of the services provided will be tied to future connections through the daily, weekly and monthly volunteers and team members intervening in the inner city of San Francisco. City Impact was founded on the idea that one man or woman can make a difference and that idea is still alive today in the people. Volunteers like Kristen and Leslie, who have leveraged their lives for the benefit of countless inner city children, families, residents and those homeless. Once a week Kristen and Leslie volunteer at City Impact and help lead the weekend for Make Your City Great. 

We are so grateful for those who leverage their time and resources to intervene on behalf of others and City Impact staff, ministry students and volunteers get to see the growing impact every day. 

Beyond one day or one weekend, here are three ways to get involved to impact your city: 

1. Adopt a Building

2. City Impact Conference 2016: Worship and Justice

3. Sponsor a child in the inner city

Thank you to all the volunteers who served for the weekend! 

Special thanks to Kristen, Leslie and Menlo Church for leveraging your resources for the benefit of others!