Farrington Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach Recap

Thank you to all the 300 volunteers who served on Saturday, November 10th. Our Farrington Outreach is a hands-on ministry experience to intervene on behalf of others. This event is dedicated to the late Beth Farrington who leveraged her life for the benefit of others, and was a great advocate of City Impact.

Volunteers at the Farrington Outreach got to serve through multiple avenues including meal prep, meal delivery, our Kids Fall Festival, women’s ministry, our Rescue Mission Cafe, and foot-washing and prayer at the Health & Wellness Center.

Thank you again to the volunteers, families and guests who gathered together at our Farrington Outreach. There are 3 more holiday events this season. Learn more at sfcityimpact.com/events.

LoveWeek 2018

On September 29, 2018, ten churches gathered at City Impact for the final day of LoveWeek 2018.  A few different outreaches were organized: TL Revive and sit down cafe, Kids Carnival and Sports Bash, meal delivery to isolated residents, women’s ministry and makeovers, and street ministry. Volunteers served in each outreach to connect with people and develop conversations. Volunteers also helped prep 1,100 meals that went out to the community.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

― Mother Teresa

The Saturday outreach was a one day event that followed up a full week of serving the city, led by Canvas SF, Sozo Church, Sons and Daughters Community, Liberty Church, House SF, and 7SF. City Impact mobilizes volunteers, churches and corporations throughout the year that all come alongside long-term efforts in the community. City Impact Church community gathers on Sundays and will always be in the community the next day to further connect with anyone who received help, and wants to take the next step.

Short-term investments reap long-term relationships when there is follow up.

Over 34 years ago Pastor Roger Huang started City Impact simply by passing out 50 sandwiches. He and his family kept doing that every day until what is now SF City Impact mobilizing 8,000 volunteers a year and 5 major departments. For years Pastor Roger toiled in the inner city with very little help relative to what we see today with churches, organizations and volunteers. For 7 straight years he decided to do a prayer walk around the city of San Francisco for God’s mercy. If there is one man who is thanking God for the recent churches, pastors and shepherds that have popped up in San Francisco it is Pastor Roger.

We are so thankful for all the volunteers and organizations that have served this past week and got involved with City Impact. Special thanks to Pastor Travis, Pastor Josh, Jordyn Turkovich, Ashley and Brendon, Pastor Jason, Pastor Chad, Pastor Mickey and Christa, Pastor Craig, Pastor Joel, Ben, Shelly, and Gina and Manny.

Also thank you to the child sponsors for your long-term partnership and willingness to leverage your resources for the benefit of an urban child!

Updates for the day:

  • 1,100 total meals served

  • 250 volunteers

  • 80 kids and their families at our youth outreach

Volunteer with Us this Christmas

“When I think of the kids, I see them as my kids, then I want the best for them.” - Roger Huang, Founder of City Impact”

In the 20th anniversary of City Academy (K-8 School), founder Roger Huang has still felt the burden to impact the youth and children of the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). With 100 students at City Academy, our goal is to grow to 250 students to fill our school building. One of the most critical ways to reach the community is during the holidays.

The Pre-Christmas Outreach is a one day hands-on ministry experience featuring our Kids Christmas Party. City Impact has been throwing its holiday outreaches since its near inception, 33 years ago.   

Pre-Christmas Outreach 2016

Pre-Christmas Outreach 2016

City Impact is an idea that one man or woman can make a difference, starting with our founder, Roger Huang. Roger grew up in an abusive home, immigrated from Taiwan to San Francisco where he left home at 17, and eventually worked his way up the hotel business. While on his way home from work, he witnessed a child being bullied on the streets of the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). Roger immediately felt a burden on his heart and heard the voice of God speak to him saying, “What if that was your kid”? Roger responded, “I would intervene.” God replied, “They are all the same to me.” Roger went home and broke down before his family. The next day he decided to make 50 sandwiches and pass them out. Roger continued to do this every day and since then, 33 years ago, we now have City impact, mobilizing over 10,000 volunteers to intervene on behalf of others through 11 weekly ministries. City Impact will continue to be here for the long haul to intervene on behalf of the kids through our K-8 school, youth programs, sponsorship and mentor programs, and outreaches.

Pre-Christmas Outreach, December 14, 1996

Pre-Christmas Outreach, December 14, 1996

City Impact Outreach circa 1996

City Impact Outreach circa 1996

Join us for our Pre-Christmas Outreach as we host our Kids Christmas Party to make memories with Jesus and deliver toys to the kids and families in the Tenderloin and maybe even leave them with a hope they didn't have before. Our youth leaders know many of the youth by name, and we will see many knew faces during the holidays and  we believe a simple interaction of passing out a toy can be the start of a relationship to change a life. A marker to look for within community are the indigenous leaders, people who were at one time recipients of our programs, but now leading in the community. A young girl Lina Ton grew up in the Tenderloin and received her first barbie doll for Christmas from City Impact over 15 years ago. She kept returning, and because of the impact, starting with her first Christmas party, she now works at City Impact in administration and helps lead the toy sign up to impact other kids in the community. Lina is a changed life, changing lives around the Tenderloin. 

From the left: Rebecca, Lina Ton, Jayden, and Jenny helping with toy sign ups

From the left: Rebecca, Lina Ton, Jayden, and Jenny helping with toy sign ups

Lovely volunteers at Pre-Christmas Outreach 2016

Lovely volunteers at Pre-Christmas Outreach 2016

As a volunteer, you will come alongside City Academy teachers and City Impact leaders to engage the kids through a high energy party and assist with gift distribution on Saturday, December 9th. Our Pre-Christmas Outreach allows us to make short term connections that reap long term investments in the youth.

This one day event also includes: meal deliveries, buildings parties, beauty area, our mobile medical team, kitchen and meal prep.

Thanksgiving Day Outreach 2017

Thanksgiving can be a lonely time for man residents in the inner city of San Francisco. It isn't uncommon for some inner city residents to check into the hospital for the holidays or fall into depression while being isolated from others. For 30 years City Impact has held its Thanksgiving Day Outreach to welcome and come alongside the people in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

On Thursday, November 23, 2017, around 700 volunteers came to serve in our outreaches include a kids carnival, sit-down cafe, grocery and meal delivery, building parties, beauty area and a medical area. Volunteers also cooked and prepped the 3,600 meals that were going out to the community. 

Here are some details on the day:

  • 3,600 meals served at our street cafe and delivered to over 50 buildings in the Tenderloin
  • 400 grocery bags given out
  • 300 people seen at our medical fair
  • 200 people clothed (not shown in video)
  • 150 kids at our kids carnival
  • 50 people received haircuts and makeovers

One of City Impact's core values is Prayer: pray like the persistent widow. We believe in the power of prayer and on Thanksgiving a woman named Rachel was seen to be transformed by the prayers of volunteers. 

Check out the vido below for an overview!

Thanks again to all of the amazing volunteers and sponsors who came and served with us on Thanksgiving Day!

Farrington Outreach 2017

Police sirens, pigeon flocks, and the occasional screech. These are some of the typical sounds heard from a corner block in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). 

However, if you look deeper, you will find the Tenderloin is full of children playing, music, and the sound of generous volunteers serving the people in the Tenderloin. 

That is what happens at the annual Farrington Outreach every November. 

What started from the efforts of one volunteer, Beth Farrington, who encouraged hundreds of volunteers to intervene on behalf of others, has now become ongoing long-term relationships through San Francisco City Impact and New Life Church. Beth was an advocate for San Francisco City Impact and San Francisco City Academy and devoted herself to the work during her life. Over six years ago, Beth passed away from cancer and is now survived by her husband, Jeff, who continues her legacy by serving every week at City Academy and hosting the annual Farrington Outreach. 

This year over 250 people joined the day to serve through 6 different outreaches including our sit down cafe at the Rescue Mission, kids carnival, street ministry, mobile medical team, building parties, and meal delivery. Volunteers also helped prepare over 1,800 meals to go out into the community. 

Thank you New Life Alamo, Redemption SF, Cumberland Presbytarian, Sunset Church, Venture Christian, Bridge Community, Sierra Bible, Victory Outreach, Tahoe Forest, members from the Fathers House and more! Special Thanks to Jeff Farrington, and the rest of the volunteers and team members who joined us for the day. You help make each ministry possible. We exist to intervene.