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19 Ways to Get Involved in 2019

2019 marks the 35th year of San Francisco City Impact serving to intervene on behalf of others.

In 1984, Roger Huang witnessed a young boy getting beat up and responded with fifty sandwiches to serve the homeless, and at-risk children in the Tenderloin (inner city of SF). We mobilize over 8,000 volunteers a year to intervene on behalf of others.

Here are 19 different ways you can get involved with City Impact and make a difference this year.

To volunteer, sign up at


San Francisco City Academy


The Tenderloin is home to 3,000 inner-city children, and is a district ridden with drugs, alcohol, and brokenness. You can choose one child to help empower, encourage, and equip with education by sponsoring for $38/month.

When you sponsor a child for $38/month, you provide more than their education and supplies—YOU ARE THE GIFT to your child. You can help open a child’s eyes to a greater world through letter correspondence, visitation, and prayer.


A mentor can greatly impact anyone’s life. You can mentor a child in the toughest district in San Francisco, and help them reach new goals.

Through our mentorship program, many students have been inspired to apply to schools of their choice or pursue a dream. Mentors have great joys to walk through up and downs with their child.


Whatever our students are feeling when they walk into the classroom, our teachers are there to receive them. Students are coming from all different situations, including the 40% of the Tenderloin District that lives in single mother homes. The classrooms are safe places for students to learn, and express themselves.

Classroom aides help provide stability for a K-8th grade class. Responsibilities may include organizing books, reading with students, facilitating reading quizzes, organizing scores and reports, and managing a child’s behavior.

4. Child THERAPY

34% of our students are in need of specialized therapy. This number can only increase as more testing can be done for some students. We are looking for Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, or Marriage & Family Therapists.


Help feed our hungry K-8 students and facilitate a clean and safe lunch period. Our K-8 school offers free lunch to our students every day. Prepare the food, help clean up and wipe down tables, serve plates to each student or help give drink refills.


Cook with love! Help cook a full hearty meal for about 90 K-8 students, and 300 people who are homeless. Our commercial kitchen cooks over 150,000 meals for people in the community. Food is the language spoken to many people in the community and the heartbeat and driving force to many of our ministries and outreaches.


Super Saturday is a weekly high energy and positive environment filled with arts and crafts, games, worship, and an encouraging message followed by lunch! Make every Saturday Super for our young kids! Super Saturday is one of City Impact's first programs started and is located at 230 Jones St on Saturdays at 10 AM.


Wednesday Chapel is a favorite time of the week for many of our students. Help share an encouraging and interactive message to our K-8th grade students on Wednesday mornings! Equivalent to a youth message for ages 5-13. Assist in the background to provide a safe environment of worship and redirect a child to manage behavior.  

Adopt a Building

Adopt a Building


Adopt a Building’s mission is to intervene through building relationships that will lead people to life transformation. Come alongside a long term ministry to deliver meals and build relationships with people who are shut-in. This is a very relational and intentional ministry to people who may have no one else to care or look for them. Our vision is to adopt all 305 buildings with 30,000 residents in the inner city of San Francisco.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


Health professionals can volunteer at the clinic and provide specialized and urgent care to the homeless and low-income residents. We serve over 2,000 patients each year. Our volunteer providers are encouraged to uncover the emotional root causes to many of our clients’ chronic diseases.

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission


Serve food to someone who is homeless and hear their story. Come alongside indigenous leaders and School of Ministry students to serve others in the community during the week. Our Rescue Mission welcomes people every day Monday through Friday and acts as respite home for many hurting people.


At City Impact we really care about changing one life at a time. The process of walking through homelessness to housing can be taxing, frustrating, and lonely at times; assisting in our Social Services department and coming alongside someone every step of the way. Many people who are homeless jump from different organizations with resources available to them, but don’t have a consistent point of contact. Sometimes a bit of encouragement and walking through each process will help champion the process.


As an active food bank gets used, and a rebranded Thrift Store is on the way, help on the ground is needed to organize our storage. The City Impact Thrift Store closed down this Fall, but a new rebranded store will come this Spring focusing on women and children’s clothing. Our Thrift Store served as a place of refuge for vulnerable women in need of help, and this will focus on those in need as well as provide funds for our Therapy Program.




The Tenderloin and City Impact has a story behind every closed door. We believe the Tenderloin is home to the most resilient people in the world. Help share someone’s story. Capture the ongoing work day to day. Help edit photos or footage remotely to develop new content. Photographers and videographers are always needed throughout the year and especially at events.


Leverage your amazing skills on Adobe Creative Cloud! Assist the communications & marketing team to share stories through digital avenues. Design content on Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and After Effects. Graphic designers can work remotely and share the message of City Impact and the Tenderloin to the world.


Empower the administration team by bolstering any tech specs in the office or solving technical issues in each building.


Last year was a critical year for construction and repair. Over 35 rooms were renovated including our Rescue Mission. Our buildings are always in need of improvements. Help lay flooring or simple restoration projects to help expand the growing reach of City Impact.


City Impact hosted over 60 companies in 2018! We had an amazing impact and are looking to do it again in 2019! Host 5-25 team members at our K-8 School, Rescue Mission, or deliver meals to those shut-in. Plan a larger group up to 500 to serve through City Impact across our departments.

School of Ministry

School of Ministry


There’s nothing that says humility like scrubbing toilets or deep cleaning bathrooms. Truly serve like Jesus when no one is watching and help clean floors in much need of a deep clean. One of our core values is Humility: We are not above the people we serve; we are not above mopping floors.


2017 School of Ministry Graduation

On Sunday, May 21st, staff, parents, and community members celebrated the School of Ministry (SOM) class of 2017. The graduation ceremony recognized the SOM class in completing the past 9 months in their time here at San Francisco City Impact. Students participate in bible and theology classes in the morning and engage in hands-on ministry in the afternoon through select City Impact ministries. Ministry worksites include: San Francisco City Academy (K-8 School), City Impact Rescue Mission, Thrift Store, Adopt a Building, Church, Missions, Volunteer Center, School of Ministry, Development, and Communications. 

Executive Director Christian Huang shared a bit of history of San Francisco's relationship with Christians. "In 1919, Bethany University, a four-year private Christian University opened up to be a training ground for an inner-city ministry in San Francisco. In 1950 it moved out of the city, and in 2011 shut down. The thought that popped up in my head was, "did God change his mind or did man divert from the original plan?." 

Christian mentioned the same year the university moved out of the city, in 1950, Jim Jones also started The People's Temple. "San Francisco has a tainted relationship with Christian's in the city." "How wonderful it is to see people restored, here in the inner city." 

SOM Director Chris Nye, and staff members, Keeley Anderson and Luke Walker had some encouraging words to say as well. "It's very tempting to think that with a program like this that your best years with Jesus are behind you now. Because you've been living in full time ministry for 9 months and my word to you is that you're best days with Jesus are ahead of you." Said Director Chris Nye. 

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. (Colossians 2:6-7)

The day was full of excitement to see the accomplishments and hear the growth of each SOM student. Students completing the 9 month school of ministry term were recognized and congratulated. Thank you to all the parents, community members, staff and supports who attended the ceremony!

Check out the video below to hear more about the City Impact School of Ministry. 

City Impact 2016 Annual Gala

On Saturday October 22nd, we had our 2016 Annual Gala at Social Hall in San Francisco. About 200 guests gathered for A Night to Intervene and to celebrate the past year, and hear stories of changed lives and updates from key ministries. 

Two key advocates were awarded at the end of the night for their dedicate of serve in the inner city. Congratulations to Sponsor of the Year, Monica Rohrer, and Volunteer of the Year Cecilia Cardenas! You have made an impact in so many lives in the inner city of San Francisco! 

Thank you to our guests, sponsors and everyone who was a part of the gala! Ultimately you are helping drive what God is doing by leveraging your life and resources for others! Thank you!

If you missed out, or want to recap the night, check out our updates below of our key ministries. See and hear stories of changed lives and learn WHY WE EXIST: TO INTERVENE!

Adopt a Building

Health & Wellness Center


School of Ministry

San Francisco City Academy

SFCA Kids Choir

School of Ministry Graduation

On Sunday May 15, we held our annual School of Ministry graduation ceremony. Our church body gathered together to celebrate our School of Ministry students as we heard from each of them about their experiences and what they learned during the 9 month term. 

Special guest Batman joined the ceremony to congratulate each of the School of Ministry students on their accomplishment. 

Thank you to all the parents and guests who joined to support the School of Ministry students. 

We are so thankful to each of the students for their dedication, persistence and courageous love shown through this term. 

Check out the graduation audio below: 

City Impact Headquarters Building Dedication

Several leaders, donors and City Impact advocates came together to dedicate the new City Impact Headquarters building on Thursday, May 14. Guest speakers included President of Northwest University, Dr. Joseph Castleberry, District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and President of Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids, Nick Bovis. Special partners were recognized including the Owners of Original Joe's Restaurant, John and Marie Duggan, Church Extension Plan (CEP), and several more partners and donors.  

The music and attendees filled the building before he speakers took stage and cast vision for the exciting things to come.

Executive Director Christian Huang opened with welcoming and explaining the value of the Headquarters. Several announcements were made on what the City Impact Headquarters will accomplish:

  • It grows our City Academy, our school from 110 to 250 students. The City Academy was the first school in the Tenderloin and currently the only school that offers all levels, K-8th grade.
  • It will triple the amount of patients we see in the City Impact Health & Wellness Clinic to 1,200 per month. This new location will greatly expand our service to Tenderloin residents and will be a significant value add to the City of San Francisco, health care system and the Department of Public Health as we seek intentionally reduce the number of emergency response calls and emergency room visits by offering residents direct support, medical attention and the love of Jesus.
  • It opens up a space for a new social enterprise venture with a focus of entrepreneurship in the culinary industry. This will help provide job creation, occupational training and additional revenue streams for the ministry. This will be a partnership with Nick Bovis, and the Left O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids.
  • It will house the City Impact School of Ministry. The City impact School of Ministry is a program where young adults can be trained in theology while being equipped and mobilized with hands-on ministry through City Impact. A partnership with Northwest University opens the opportunity for students to receive college credit during their stay and service.

After having read Chasing God, the story of how City Impact started, President of Northwest University, Dr. Joseph Castleberry expressed his excitement, “...An immigrant who no one would’ve expected to take the lead, stepped into a difficult situation and by the power of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of God, did something noteworthy that the whole world is beginning to talk about. So it is excited for me to be here today, to see what God is doing, and to say that we are a part of it.”

Jane Kim, District 6 Supervisor shared about her inspiration, “I have to say there is nothing that has inspired more faith and hope for me than City Impact and what a church can do for a community. Its central base is about love and bringing more people even outside of the neighborhood to share that and you see that.

The volunteers here go into the single room occupancy where a lot of people are scared to go into, and they door knock, and build real authentic, meaningful, relationships with people, one on one.”

Christian closed before the official dedication and ribbon cutting.

“The partnerships are in place, we’re going to enroll the ministry students and so now we just need to fortify the organization and fill it out. Our hope a vision is by September we will have 50 school of ministry students in this building. That basically doubles everything we are doing a City Impact. We completely double our reach without increasing our overhead.”

To immediately apply to the City Impact School of Ministry, go to

To learn more about the School of Ministry, go to

Thank you to all of the attendees and everyone who helped make the possible.