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Genentech Serve Day

On Wednesday, June 13, we held the Genentech Serve Day to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. About 30 team members from Genentech volunteered through Adopt a Building, delivering 212 meals to shut-in residents as well as our Kids Summer Kick Off Party. 150 inner city kids came to the party for games, prices and fun! 

Thanks you so much Genentech and team members for leveraging your resources for the benefit of others! We are changing one life at a time! 

Super Saturday | City Impact Conference 2015: Reimagine Church

On Sunday June 6, kids and parents from the Tenderloin district of San Francisco joined for the debut of Super Saturday. Over 28 kids participated in interactive games, listened to stories and broke up into small groups for more interaction. 16 leaders and volunteers attended to help facilitate the day’s events.

Super Saturday was the first ministry started at City Impact as told in the story, Chasing God.

"A couple of months later, we are beginning to develop a routine for our Super Saturday program. Bible Stories. Games. Snacks. Laughter. Food. Hope. A few friends from church, as well as from the Chinese Christian Center, are joining us on Saturdays to help care for the kids. We meet for prayer at our house and then head down to the Tenderloin. Our friends are gripped by the needs of the children like we are. They can’t believe the hardship, the neglect, the poverty that is within minutes of their own doorsteps. We are all motivated to help." - Roger Huang, (Chasing God).

What started in 1984 has grown into the 14 ministries of City Impact including the K-8th grade school of 110 kids.

Now relaunching Super Saturday, staff, teachers and volunteers, give their time to bring the same stories, laughter and hope to the children of the community. Two key leaders at City Impact have been building relationships over the past several months to prepare for this day and the following Saturdays.

“We personally knew each and every child who attended,” said Noah, a former City Impact School of Ministry student and now Youth and Children's Coordinator City Impact.  

Family and church members traveled from Northern California, Los Angeles and Texas to be a part of the day’s events.

San Francisco City Academy teachers and leaders will help run Kids Carnival and Kids Sports Bash at the City Impact Conference on July 25. The Conference will play a significant role in growing Super Saturday and the City Academy.

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