Different Ways to Get Involved


Monday through Friday, 4pm at 140 Turk Street, we open our community dining room for the homeless and residents. As many are preparing for the night ahead, we have found that we can offer a vital resource to the people. Live music, a word of encouragement, prayer, and then a healthy, nutritious, hot meal is served. We are known for our generous portions, healthy ingredients, and great service.


Healthy food is an important component of a healthy community. Out of our newly remodeled commercial kitchen we produce more than 1,500 meals each week for the school children, homeless, and shut-in residents. For special events such as our holidays, our kitchen can produce up to 6,000 meals within 8 hours.


We want to help solve the need for health care in the inner-city of San Francisco. We believe to help relieve the pressure of hospital emergency rooms and the city’s tax payers, we can help offer immediate first aid care to those in need.  Some services we can offer at our City Impact Health and Wellness Center are: blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar level testing, foot care, minor scrapes and abrasions, physical health screenings, health and wellness seminars, nutritional counseling, referrals, and hygiene kits. 


Monday through Friday, 9am at 140 Turk Street, we open our breakfast café for the homeless and residents. For many who struggle all night to sleep on the streets worrying for their safety, they can find refuge at our breakfast café. Each morning with a handshake, hug, and a smile on our face we serve everyone who comes with a word of encouragement, hot coffee, pastries, and prayer. We are the Tenderloin’s Starbucks.


Help lead outreaches such as street ministry, prayer walk during spring and summer season.  


It is important for the people of the Tenderloin community to have a store where they are welcomed, treated with respect, and offered goods at a reasonable price. Our thrift store is such a place. Clothes, furniture, electronics, books, and fresh flowers are the most popular products purchased by the community. 220 Turk St., San Francisco, CA 94102.


Many of the 37,000 residents are elderly, sick, and shut in their apartments. One of our most rewarding experiences is to go directly to their home, visit, talk, pray, feed, and offer these residents a glimpse of hope in an otherwise despaired living situation. Because many of the apartments do not have a kitchen or means to cook a hot meal, delivering a hot meal is a blessing to many people.


Many low income families simply cannot afford groceries. Through our grocery delivery program, we can offer these families bags of groceries that can last up to one month. Hunger in America is a growing epidemic and can be solved; no one in America or in the world should go to bed hungry.


The need for groceries not only affects those in the inner-city of San Francisco but in the greater Bay Area. Families in the Bay Area can now request groceries at no cost to the family. Our mobile food bank will take groceries directly to the families and meet a real and immediate need.

Social Services CENTER

This center does more than just help build resumes and find jobs, it also provides legal assistance and helps locate housing for members of the Tenderloin.

SF City Academy

Our K-8 private Christian school in the heart of the city. Our mission is to empower urban children and release them to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially. Volunteers can serve in different ways including assist teachers, help serve lunch, tutor students.