San Francisco City Academy

The best way for us to break the cycle of poverty and despair is to educate and train the children of San Francisco. We have just completed a $4.1 million building expansion project that will increase our school’s attendance to 350 students by 2014. These children, many of whom are behind their grade levels when enrolled are offered a private, personal, and self-paced education that allows them to excel and develop in every area of life including: educational, physical, emotional, spiritual, leadership, family, and the arts. For more information on the San Francisco City Academy, please visit their website at: 

After-School and Summer School Programs

To keep children from growing up on the streets and developing the victim and street mentality, it is vital to offer them after school and summer school programs. The more they are in a structured environment that requires them to strive for the best and meet goals, the better chance they have at succeeding in life. 

Tutoring and Mentoring

One-on-one tutoring and mentoring is another way to emphasize the importance of education in the children’s lives. Dealing with many attention and learning disorders requires that one-on-one tutoring and mentoring be available for those who need it most.