What is a City Impact Child Sponsor?
What does my $38 go towards?
Must I hold and practice specific Christian beliefs to sponsor a child at City Impact?
How does City Impact ensure that my support benefits the child I sponsor?
How long does my sponsorship last?
What happens if my child leaves the program?
Are there additional ways to support the child I’m sponsoring?
If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the child I’ve been supporting?
What percentage of City Impact’s expenditures are spent on program activities?
How did City Impact begin, and why do we exist? 
Am I the only person sponsoring my child?


How do I write to my child?
Where do I send my letters?
When will I receive my first letter from my child?
What can I send to my sponsored child?
Why do my letters take so long?
Why is someone else writing for my child?
What happens to my letters during the summer?
What should I write about?
Is there anything I shouldn’t write about?


What kind of gifts may I send?
How do I give gifts to my child?
How much/often may I give?
If I give monetarily, will City Impact purchase a gift on my behalf? Can I specify what type of gift should be purchased?
Can I mail in a check?
Can I mail in gift cards or personalized gifts?
Where do I mail in packages for my sponsored child?
Can I give a gift to my sponsored child’s family?

Lunch VIsits

How do I visit my child?
Can I bring food or gifts?