Adopt a Building 

San Francisco Worship Center

Spiritual development is an important piece of the holistic community development. The core leaders, staff, and urban missionaries do not consider themselves separate from those we serve, and because that is the case, we do not attend a church separate from the community. Instead, we planted a church that we can all attend. It is vibrant, multi-cultural, economically diverse, and fun. We consider our church, a church that Jesus would attend: where the rich and poor, all creeds, and all people are united. Join us every Sunday,  10:30 am at 230 Jones Street, SF CA 94102.

Community Small Groups

Mid-week we have implemented community small groups where people can gather and meet for encouragement, discussion, and relationship. People who are isolated will eventually re-enter the cycle of darkness and despair, by meeting together we remain healthy and open. 

Prayer Gatherings 

Prayer is the oxygen that keeps this organization alive. Monday – Friday mornings, Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and multiple times throughout the month, City Impact pauses to pray for the people in the city of San Francisco. In addition, we commit to several annual 28 mile prayer walks around the city of San Francisco.