How We Serve the Community

The Rescue Mission is a space where anyone can walk in, sit-down, be encouraged, receive a hot meal and have people available to listen, and connect them to greater resources. Our Rescue Mission serves meals twice, daily and sends groceries out to over 26 buildings in the Tenderloin through the care host program. 

Morning & Evening Service

Monday through Friday, 10:30am & 4pm at 140 Turk Street, we open our Rescue Mission as a worship service gathering. For many people who struggle all night sleeping on the streets or are preparing for the night ahead, they can find refuge at our Rescue Mission. There are various options in the Tenderloin for food service, however we realized sometimes what is needed is community, a word of encouragement and music, praise and prayer.  We serve pastries and coffee for breakfast and a hot meal for dinner with large hearty portions. 

Health and Wellness Center

We don't just want to care for physical needs, but emotional and spiritual as well. Our Health & Wellness Center is a holistic care clinic that cares for the whole patient: body, mind and soul. We offer blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar level testing, foot care, minor scrapes and abrasions, physical health screenings, prayer, referrals, Social Services, and hygiene kits. Learn more.


Grocery Pickup

Many low income families simply cannot afford groceries. Through our food bank, we can offer families and residents bags of groceries to take with them. We develop long term relationships with people in the community and invite them back to our gatherings to grow spiritually.