Dennis's Story


“The Mission’s Clinic is like family,” Dennis says. “I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with, but the Clinic and the people there are different. They understand my seizure disorder. They know how to not make a big deal out of things, like everywhere else.”

Dennis adds that at the medical clinic, he’s gotten prescription eyeglasses, and the volunteers at the Mission’s dental clinic have helped get his teeth in order. “The people at the clinic treat me the same way they would want to be treated themselves,” he says with a smile. “You could be addicted to alcohol or drugs, or have mental illness, and they don’t judge you. None of them do. They actually go out of their way to help you. I like that.”

But it’s more than just physical needs…

“The Mission’s food pantry helps me immensely every month to make ends meet,” Dennis adds. In gratitude, he volunteers whenever he can, even though Dennis struggles with his health. “It’s the least I can do, and I’m able to take a break when I need to,” Dennis says.

"After 30 years, I am starting to get back to church, to go at my own pace. I know I need spiritual strength and I am starting to go."

“I just really appreciate everyone who has been helping me here.” Between now and the end of summer, we plan to serve more than 24,000 hot, nutritious meals or food boxes. We’ll provide medical and dental care for more than 1,600 homeless men, women and children. We’ll see dozens of guests who are disabled and have special needs in order to safely enter The Rescue Mission.


Give today to help someone like Dennis

Whether your heart is to serve a friendly meal to one of our guests, to provide emergency medical or dental care, or to help provide safe access with dignity, your next gift of any amount will help open the doors of The Rescue Mission. . . and possibly open someone’s heart to God’s healing touch.

On behalf of Dennis, and the homeless guests who get a good meal, who get a good night’s sleep, or who start on the path toward recovery, thank you.

Thanks for your gift to make a difference in a hurting man, woman or in a child’s life today.