The problems of the inner-city are more than physical or spiritual; many people have emotional and psychiatric needs. We are offering counseling to those with drug and alcohol addiction, sexual addiction, abuse, trauma resolution therapy, post-war syndrome, and money management counseling. We hope that through intense counseling, people will develop healthy relationships and contribute back to society. 

Shut-In Residents

As we have realized, not everyone will come out of their homes to join a community small group, therefore, we take the small group to people’s homes. For one hour, once a week, we will go to someone’s home and meet with them and bring life to a building where there may not otherwise be a healthy community of neighbors. 

House of Prayer

When you are in a battle, day in and day out, it is important to have some rest and recreation. Many times throughout the year we bring people from the inner-city of San Francisco up to the house of prayer. Children, youth, adults, homeless, residents, elderly, donors, volunteers and partners are encouraged to visit the house of prayer to get away from the battles of the inner-city, the sirens, and the chaos and instead encouraged to enjoy nature, the ocean, serenity, and time to pray and enjoy life.